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Some of the security issues with tape storage

The use of tape archives has been a common backup practices for businesses in the past. It is still used in many firms. These businesses still use tapes amidst of the modern cloud storages because the magnetic tape storage is an inexpensive way of storing large volume of data. It can also last for many years. However, there are some security issues associates with tape storage which are discussed below.

Data degradation

In theory, the tape storage can keep records safe for many years. But in practice, there are a number of factors that lead ot degradataion that could make the information unreadable. Exposure to dust, heat, damp, electromagnetic forces, manhandling, natural wear and tear can lead to the loss of quality of the tape that may make the information stored unreadable.

Physical threats

Just like other technology equipment, tape storage solutions may be vulnerable to problems like natural disasters. Adverse weather conditions like flooding can make these items unusable. Fire may be a reason for loss of information if the tapes are located in one location without any backup.

Keeping unnecessary data

Many people take tape storage as ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach to the data. This means that once the data is stored in the tae and taken to an off-site facility, people tend to forget about them. They even forget to delete them. For example, they will still carry database of customers who are not their customers anymore.

So, even though tape is a cheap way of storing large volume of data for a very long time compared to other storage options, because of these security issues, it may not be a viable solution.


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